Ministry of freedom Review – My 15 months of real experience with MOF

Ministry of freedom is the only course that will return your money in terms of the rotator. With my 15 months of experience with this program, I will tell you everything I learned from this MOF review.

Ministry Of Freedom Reviews By Nagudharan


Ministry Of Freedom Review

Ministry Of Freedom Introduction

Ministry of Freedom is a high-ticket course that designed by Jono Armstrong who proved himself already in affiliate marketing. Learning new things from the domain expert is always a good idea. We will get quality insights from them. So learning affiliate marketing, email marketing, paid ads campaign from Jono armstrong is worth to have it.

The Creator - Jono Armstrong

Jono Armstrong is a leading affiliate marketer who earns consistently at least $70k pe month by launching software products on warrior plus platform. He is created this Ministry of freedom program to share success experience and to help the people who want to get success in online business.

Ministry Of Freedom Overview

MOF Review

Jono Armstrong
Ministry Of Freedom
$1497 USD with Split pay option
MOF is must for all affiliate marketers regardless of their experiance. If you are newbie, it has a course to learn. If you are an expert it has a course to learn.
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60 Days Money back Guarantee
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What is Ministry Of Freedom?

Is the ministry of freedom fake? No. Ministry of Freedom training course is teaching about launch jacking in more detail. And also it talk about soft launch , hard launch and online marketing using organic and paid traffic. In MOF, Jono Armstrong has given everything that he used in launch jacking. There is nothing left in the course. One who takes this course will know everything about launch jacking. But, MOF is not meant for launch jacking. It is a core of the course, and surrounding this, MOF teaches Email marketing, Youtube Ads. Also, Jono has given to their students his $1000 complex funnel. So they can replicate the funnels themselves to earn $1000+ commissions in paid ads. 

But for that, you need to invest in Everwebinar on top of the ministry of freedom cost. Also, inside the course, Jono suggests you invest in a few other tools to do the launch jacking successfully. Commission gorilla, get response (email autoresponder software), etc… Commission Gorilla is a web-based page builder/funnel creator that helps you create your marketing campaigns (Similar to ClickFunnels if you've ever heard of it). Actually , ClickFunnels is a better option than this software, but it starts at $97 per month with a Platinum option for $297 per month. Where as the commission gorilla is much cheaper option for the beginners.

What is launch jacking?

Jono’s teaching how to leverage an affiliate method called Launch Jacking. Creative marketers can increase their number of followers by using a few techniques. One way is to find pre-launch products and launch marketing campaigns for them before they get launched. This is called launch jacking.

What to expect from Ministry of freedom?

You can get the Kajabi course access which is constantly updating by jono armstrong. Also, you'll get access to their 5K plus members private facebook group. Here you can sell your services to other members, find the partner to work with you, get the advice from other marketers, etc...

Inside the Ministry of Freedom course

Basically, the ministry of freedom provides two options to their students to choose to earn money. Either Free traffic or Paid traffic. After the mindset video, you may choose the option that you wish.

What do you do with Free Traffic option?

If you choose the free traffic method, you need to put your dedicated efforts into the launch jacking training module. (If you don't know about launch jacking, check out the free video course here.) Generally, in the free traffic method, you will not get your result immediately. To succeed with this free traffic method, you need to have a lot of dedication. Even though you are giving your 100% effort, sometimes you may not see the results. This will make you give up yourself. Here the MOF is coming into the picture. If you put in your genuine efforts, Jono will reward you for your efforts in terms of Rotator. So your efforts will get you a reward when you are a MOF student. I will explain more about Rotator later.

What do you do with Paid Traffic option?

If you choose Paid traffic method, you will see the results as quickly as possible. But success in paid traffic depends on how much money you spend. Jono recommends to have success in paid traffic, you need to spend at least $1000 on it. So be aware of this and make sure you have enough budget. If you have $2000 for paid traffic, you may go for it. Otherwise, stick with free traffic and participate in the rotator.

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How Ministry Of Freedom works?

Once you purchase ministry of freedom in either full pay or split pay, you will get an email from Kajabi with your login credentials like below,

MOF Review email

MOF Welcome email with Kajabi login credentials

The entire ministry, of course, is hosted on the Kajabi platform. Suppose you see the Kajabi pricing; its basic plan itself $119 per month. So Jono is spending at least $119 per month to host his MOF course for us. It means, thinks about the value of the course that he created. I am telling this here to ensure MOF or the ministry of freedom is not a SCAM. It's a legit course, and Jono uses premium tools to host this course.

Once you login to the Kajabi with the credentials that you received, you may see the screen like below,

Ministry of freedom course review

Ministry of freedom course review

As per the above image, the left side menu denotes the list of chapters the MOF course has. In the top right, you may see the Facebook group. This is an important place in MOF. You will get notifications, announcements about the Rotator, Live coaching calls from the MOF's private Facebook group. Also, you can reach the MOF support from the Kajabi dashboard or the Facebook group by tagging the support executives. Actually, MOF support is working 24/7. So you will get clarified all your queries in at least 30 minutes.

Ministry Of Freedom Features and Benefits

  • The complete and comprehensive course on launch jacking
  • Four live coaching calls per week conducted by Jono and his team members
  • A year full of mentorship and coaching
  • 24/7 MOF support and networking thru private Facebook Group
  • Option to take either Free Traffic or Paid Traffic Method
  • Rotator to return your money in terms of reward
  • Launch Booster service for MOF student where Jono will support the students launch which brings 1000 to 2000 sales.

Ministry Of Freedom Review - My Experience

I completed my 15 months as a MOF student. Throughout these 15 months ministry of freedom affiliate marketing training has changed a lot and improved well to provide good quality to their students. I compiled all my 15 months experience below for you and a walkthrough. You can read the Ministry Of Freedom Review below,

Ministry of Freedom course TOC

Ministry of Freedom course Table of contents

Above is the Ministry of freedom affiliate marketing course syllabus, which is taken on May 2021. It may change soon as Jono continuously improves the course for his students.

As I said earlier, the Free Traffic method is doing launch jacking on Youtube and Instagram. It is a slow and steady process to have success. If you choose this method, you must watch from Week -2 to Week- 8 courses to get yourselves an expert. If you choose Paid Traffic, its simple Week course is enough to start your process. But remember, you need at least $2000 to spend on google ads.

Ministry Of Freedom Free Traffic Method Advantages

Ministry of freedom Free Traffic Advantages

Ministry of freedom Free Traffic Advantages

Basically when you select free traffic method, you will get two benefits in the name of Rotators and launch booster. Let us see more in details,

Ministry of Freedom Free Traffic Rotators

Jono often said, rotators are free money that Jono gives you for your actions. Yes, when you implement the things you learned from MOF course, Jono will reward you for that. But it has some limitations and conditions. Usually MOF having two types of rotators,

  • Type 1 rotators
  • Type 2 rotators

Ministry of Freedom - Type One Rotator

At least once a month, Jono will launch his own digital product on Warrior plus platform. If you were watched him closely, you may saw all his launches sold at least 2000 copies. So if you are a brand new student of MOF, you will get a single chance to participate in Jono's own product launch rotator. When you participate in this type one rotator, you will 100% commission across the funnel. Also, you will free buyer traffic to your affiliate links from Jono's email subscribers. When you are eligible for this rotator, Jono will put your affiliate link in his Clickmagick rotator, which evenly distributes the traffic.

Remember, You will only one chance to participate in this type of rotator.

Ministry of Freedom - Type Two Rotator

Like type one rotator, this rotator also having eligibility criteria. You may participate with this rotator up to the first sixty days. This type of rotator is happening four per week for each group. Actually, once you joined MOF, you will be grouped into any of the five groups. So this rotator is eligible for each group per week. So totally 8 rotators you will get in sixty days.

Ministry of Freedom - Launch Booster

The aim of MOF is not to make you launch Jacker by reviewing other people's products. Jono's ultimate goal is to make you a product launcher. So he is offering this launch booster package. If you are ready to launch your own product partnering with another established MOF student, then Jono will do all the promo work for you free of cost, including funnel building, sales copy, and of course, he will take care of sales. As a result, you will eventually be started to build your own email buyers list.

Ministry of Freedom - Paid Traffic Method Advantage

Ministry Of Freedom Paid Traffic Course Syllabus

Ministry Of Freedom Paid Traffic Course Syllabus

As I stated before, if you are choosing paid traffic method, you can skip from Week-2 to the week-8 course syllabus and directly jump into this week-9 syllabus. But you should have at least $2000 in your hand extra to implement the things you learned from the week-9 course. This $2000 includes the Paid ads spendings well as you need to invest on Everwebinar.

With this method, Jono gives you his complex funnel that you can replicate and drive traffic from Youtube ads. To replicate this complex funnel, you need to have Everwebinar, which costs you around $500 per year. But, I found a cheaper option to replicate this funnel. I am ready to give it to you free when you purchase the MOF via my affiliate link as my bonus.

Ministry Of Freedom - My Personal Experience

I was joined in the Ministry of freedom in late February 2020. I got an invitation from Jono to watch his free webinar workshop. So I watched his webinar and impressed and I joined MOF. At that time, the cost of MOF is $1997. Now the price has reduced almost $500. I did my full pay using my credit card. So that I got 30 days' credit to repay the money. Then I chose the free traffic method and put my full effort, joined all the rotators without fail. I did my soft launches with other people launches and built my email list via this. And then launched my first product within 90 days after I joined MOF. One month down the line, I have launched my second product partnered with another MOF student.

All of these efforts brought back my $1997 investment within 90 days. So I started the Paid traffic method without Everwebinar to replicate Jono's complex funnel. I got three to four sales along with my business partner Kevin. Over the last 15 months, I learned a lot with MOF, also earned a lot. Likewise, I have many good business friends globally from MOF. These all things changed my life completely differently. MOF is a legit one. If you take it seriously, you will get succeed surly.

Ministry Of Freedom Review - Pros And Cons

Ministry Of Freedom Pros:

  • The 8 weeks comprehensive course for Organic traffic method choosers
  • 2x rotators as a reward for organic traffic methods
  • Launch booster package will convert you from launch jacker to product launcher
  • 75% affiliate commission for Paid Traffic choosers
  • 24/7 MOF support
  • Weekly four live coaching calls and replays available in FB group.

Ministry Of Freedom Review Cons:

  • The refund policy of MOF is a bit strange to me. Because It’s more like an action-based refund policy. So from my point of view, it is difficult to get a refund from them. Of course, I didn’t raise any refund requests, so I didn’t face any bad experiences with them.
  • But this is the number one reason many people in the internet saying the Ministry of Freedom Scam course. I believe they are not an action taker by what they learnt from this training course

Ministry Of Freedom Review - About Pricing

Ministry of Freedom does not have any upgrades. It's a single product that comes with $1447 as a full-pay option—three installments of $500. You may choose any option to have MOF. But the rotators and launch boosters are available only when you pay the full payment option. If you choose the split pay, then you need to wait until you complete your installment to avail these features. I recommend you to go with full pay, which gives you the opportunity to participate in rotators and launch booster. Why do you miss the free money opportunity by choosing the split payment option?

Ministry Of Freedom Bad Reviews - I don't care it

Ministry of Freedom doesn't tell you in upfront you need to spend at least $100 per month to have a success in launch jacking. it is true even though you pick the Free traffic method. These $100 per month needs to be used for to get higher ranking for your videos in Youtube. But they argue it is not needed. But to be successful with launch jacking you will need to allow for ads to get quick success.


Ministry of Freedom is not a SCAM. It is a legit course that anyone has. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in affiliate marketing this MOF course is suitable for you. I hope you loved my 15 months of experience with MOF thru reading this Ministry of freedom review. To prove my success, I would like to give my own earning proofs below,

Ministry of Freedom Earning Proof

Ministry of Freedom Earning Proof

Ministry of Freedom Earning Proof

Ministry of Freedom Earning Proof

Ministry of Freedom Earning Proof

Ministry of Freedom Earning Proof

Ministry of Freedom Earning Proof

Ministry of Freedom Earning Proof

You can find more earning proofs like this from other MOF students too by visting this MOF Achievers Group. If you are decided to invest in your future by purchasing MOF then click the below button to buy MOF. When you buy MOF thru my affiliate link you will get my exclusive custom bonuses for MOF.

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Ministry Of Freedom Bonuses - My Custom Bonuses

Ministry of freedom bonuses

Ministry of freedom bonuses

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