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Discover the Secret Bot That Can Earn You $70 Per Hour – No Website Required!

Discover the Secret Bot That Can Earn You $70 Per Hour – No Website Required!

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Key Takeaways

  • No website is required to start earning through this bot.
  • Affiliate marketplaces like Digistore24 can be a good starting point.
  • Link shortening is key to maximize the appeal of your affiliate links.
  • Pinterest offers a great platform for promoting your affiliate links.
  • The Chrome extension “Sort Pin” can automate the process and increase your earnings.


Welcome to a breakthrough, discover an untapped bot that could potentially earn you around $70 per hour. This innovative method involves using a platform called Digistore24 that holds an array of affiliate offers. I will guide you right from setting up your free account to making profitable sales.

Getting Set Up on an Affiliate Marketplace

For starters, visit and sign up for their free account. It is a great platform for those trying to break into the world of affiliate marketing due to its user-friendly interface and easy accessibility. Once you are signed up, begin exploring.

Choosing the Right Affiliate Offer

Search primarily for offers related to spirituality, self-development, and manifestation. An excellent choice would be the “Genie Script” by Mr. Wesley. Why? Because it provides noteworthy commissions of 90% and experiences unparalleled conversion rates.

Next up, we make use of a link shortening service. Bitly is a well-known platform for this purpose. Simply paste your affiliate link here and obtain a shorter, more appealing link. Now, it’s time to explore the power of Pinterest.

Promoting Your Affiliate Link through Pinterest

Create a new Pinterest account and in the bio section, add your shortened affiliate link. Ensure your bio aligns well with the offer to grab the reader’s attention instantly.

Automating the Process with Sort Pin

Now, let’s automate the process. The Chrome extension “Sort Pin” will be our companion. As we dive into keyword search related to our niche, Sort Pin intelligently scrolls and explores content, increasing the likelihood of better conversions. With the continual posting of engaging offers on your board, your Pinterest profile is bound to grow.


This method, when replicated across various niches, can substantially increase your reach and earnings. It is a free, effective, and largely automated way to drive traffic and generate income. Now, enjoy your journey to financial freedom!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What platforms can I use to find affiliate offers?
    Digistore24 is an excellent platform for finding a range of affiliate offers. Other recommended platforms include warriorplus, jvzoo, clickbank, etc.
  2. What niche should I focus on for greater success?
    Highly converting niches include spirituality, self-development, and manifestation. However, it depends on your audience and what they are interested in.
  3. Why is link shortening necessary?
    Link shortening makes your affiliate link more user-friendly. Short links are easier to share and look cleaner in your promotional posts.
  4. How does Sort Pin help in this method?
    Sort Pin is a Chrome extension that automates the process of finding and pinning engaging content on Pinterest. It saves time and increases visibility of your Pinterest profile.
  5. Is this method genuinely free?
    Absolutely, except for your time and effort, this method does not require any additional investment.