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Sitechecker Pro Review – My website on Page SEO Score with Sitechecker

Sitechecker Pro Review By Nagudharan

sitechecker pro

sitechecker pro

Sitechecker Pro Introduction

Sitechecker Pro is software that brings several ON-Page SEO technical problems to your attention. These technical problems include critical errors, warnings, redirects, etc... When you sort out these errors, search engine bots will love your site. Hence your site will get organic traffic from search engines.

Sitechecker Pro Overview

Sitechecker Review

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Sitechecker Pro
Free To Use the Basic Plan and Then $19 USD
Who wants to improve their website On Page SEO scores and looking to drive organic traffic, should use this software.
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What is Sitechecker Pro?

If you want to track your website SEO progress faster and easier, then this software application provides the various tools to achieve your goals. The products are,

  • Website Health Checker -  Launch SEO audit for the whole website
  • Website Rank Checker - Check website positions by keywords
  • Free Backlink Checker - Check your backlinks to gain more traffic
  • On Page SEO Checker - Submit URL to check SEO Parameters
  • Website Traffic Checker - Estimate traffic stats by channels

I will explain more in detail about each product of Sitechecker and tell you how it was helpful to my website.

Sitechecker Pro Review And Rating





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How Sitechecker Pro works?

Once you purchase or subscribe to the free plan, Sitechecker asks you to enter your website URL to monitor and assess the SEO score. When you provide your website URL, Sitechecker automatically grabs all the URLs you have and calculates the SEO score. Within 5 minutes, you can see the SEO score for each of your pages, and also, you will get an overall website score based on each page's scores. See my Sitechecker dashboard below to understand more.

Sitechecker dashboard

Sitechecker dashboard

Sitechecker Pro Features and Benefits

  • Launch SEO audit for the whole website
  • Check website positions by keywords
  • Check your backlinks to gain more traffic
  • Submit URL to check SEO Parameters
  • Estimate traffic stats by channels
  • Track changes critical for SEO instantly
  • Track website positions by keywords
  • Track backlinks you have built or found

Sitechecker Pro Review - My Experience

I am using this software products for a few of my websites, and I got significant changes in SEO progress. I compiled everything below for you in both video and walkthrough content. You can either read or watch my Review Below,

After you logged into the software member's area, you may n websites to assess the SEO scores depends on the plan that you choose.

Sitechecker plan limitations

Sitechecker plan limitations

As you see in the above image, I have Sitechecker standard plan, and with that, I can add up to 3 domains comprising all three, I can add 1500 pages total. Also, I can monitor hundred and fifty keywords, 3000 backlinks.

Sitechecker Assistant

Sitechecker assistant feature

Sitechecker assistant feature

Personally, I liked the Sitechecker "Assistant" feature. It will assist you in resolving the technical errors your website has.
Sitechecker's assistant feature will give you the tasks you need to do to increase the SEO score. Also, it will provide some general knowledge base on how to fix the errors, warnings, etc... Each task specifies the error on which page it has. This will helps you to target the problematic page and sort out the issue quickly. Also, it assigns priority to each task. High-priority tasks need to take care always.

Sitechecker - Site Audit Feature

Sitechecker siteaudit

Sitechecker siteaudit

The site Audit feature will provide the overall SEO score for the domain, the number of pages crawled from that domain, the number of pages indexed on Google, and it denotes whether the site is safe or not for browsing. Also, it will display site-level issues and page-level issues that need to be addressed.
As you see, my website score is showing 80. But the very first time I checked my website score in Sitechecker, it was below 30. Also, Sitechecker gave a lot of recommendations to sort out the low SEO score. If I didn't use Sitechecker, I never knew that error's in my website.

Sitechecker - Site Monitoring Feature

Sitechecker Site Monitoring feature

Sitechecker Site Monitoring feature

This site monitoring feature is beneficial. Initially, I have used this feature only to monitor whether my website is up or down. But it has lots of other useful use cases. For example, you can get notified when hackers hack your site. So you can act quickly to get back your site. My site was hacked in the past. But I get knew this only after few hours. Hence, I lose a lot of valuable visitors.

Sitechecker - Rank Tracker Feature

Sitechecker Rank Tracker Feature

Sitechecker Rank Tracker Feature

I really liked this feature because finding which keywords got ranked to my website in Google is difficult, and I never figured it out in the Google search console. But in the rank tracker, it is as easy as cutting the butter with a hot knife. As you see in the above image, the rank tracker provides the keywords state day-wise. So I can get to know for each day what is my rank position for the keywords. It will give me to concentrate more on the specific page to increase the rankings further.

Also, the member's area contains more features. But these are the features that I frequently used.

Sitechecker Pro Review - Pros And Cons

Sitechecker Pro Review - Pros:
  • Improve SERP by increasing Sitechecker SEO score
  • Avoid and get notified when your site being hacked
  • Analyse competitors backlink strategy and apply them to your domain
  • Get ON PAGE SEO assessment to your entire website
  • Use one time site audit to give SEO report to your clients. If you are a agency this feature is really useful.
Sitechecker Pro Review - Cons:
  • Though we get technical problems and knowledge base about the error fix, there is no service from Sitechecker team to resolve our issues. We need to handle this ourselves.

Sitechecker Pro Review - About Pricing

Sitechecker Pricing

Sitechecker Pricing

My Final Verdict About Sitechecker

Sitechecker is a really nice app to have. It has increased and provided me more visibility about the SEO progress of my website. By using this software, I improved my website speed by deactivating and deleting unwanted plugins. Also, I increased the SEO score from 30 to 80, which improved my ON-PAGE SEO progress. Without Sitechecker, I never knew these technical errors on my website.

By considering all of this and my real experience with this software, I recommend you to buy Sitechecker by clicking the below button towards your SEO progress faster and easier

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