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Javascript Commission bot is a traffic software that brings traffic to your offer from Instagram and Twitter. Also, it included two DFY campaigns that you can promote instantly.

Javascript Commission Bot Review By Nagudharan

Javascript Commission Bot Review Productbox

Javascript Commission Bot Review

Javascript Commission Bot Introduction

Javascript Commission Bot is a gamechanger for lazy lovers who are there in affiliate marketing and looking for push-button solutions to earn money online. So you can get high conversions by getting your money pages in front of hungry buyers, effortlessly! You don't need to create any content or funnel to get commissions. Already included the two complete DFY funnel for printing commissions backed by months of proven results.

Javascript Commission Bot Overview

Javascript Commission Bot Review

Jono Armstrong
Javascript Commission Bot
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09:00 EDT
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$13 USD
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What is Javascript Commission Bot?

Javascript Commission bot is a chrome extension and it is following the members on Instagram and Twitter by the complete autopilot. Since it is a chrome extension you can run it in MAC as well as windows. This bot doesn't require a proxy. It will work with your own IP, hence you may not get any complaint issue in Instagram and Twitter.

Javascript Commission Bot Review And Rating


How Javascript Commission Bot works?

Once you purchase the Javascript Commission Bot, you will get two Chrome extensions along with the training module. The training module having a very easy and less time video. So that you can learn the software within 10 minutes. To use the bot, you need to enable developer mode on your chrome and load the package. Once you load the package, just go to your Instagram account and find an influencer on your niche and click on their followers. Now the bot comes into the picture. Just click the start button on the bot. BOOM, then all are automated and the keep working for you in background. The same process you need to do for Twitter.

Javascript Commission Bot Features and Benefits

  • It “follows” the followers of a target on both Instagram & twitter. 
  • 100% safe as it works at a BROWSER LEVEL meaning that any updates that IG or twitter implement will NOT effect how this works.
  • Two of Jono's BEST converting campaigns that you can use to send this free traffic.
  • These two DFY campaigns are self hosted by Jono and his Team
  • Setup takes under 10mins and is a genuinely ‘brainless” way for newbies to start making money with minimal “push button” effort

Javascript Commission Bot Review - My Experience

I done my testing and review about Javascript Commission Bot. I compiled everything below for you in both video and walkthrough content. You can either read or watch the Javascript Commission Bot Review Below,

After you login into the javascript commission bot members area, it's looks like below,

Javascript Commission Bot AfterLogin 1

Inside the members area, you can see the javascript commission bot training and underneath the training video, you can find the download link for instragram and twitter chrome extension. How to install these chrome extensions and how to use them those details are well explained in the video. See below image,

Javascript Commission Bot DownloadExtension 2

So, after you implement the process you learned on the video, you will see the chrome extensions in your chrome browser, just like below,

Javascript Commission Bot InstalledExtension 3

Once the extensions are installed, just goto your instagram account and open the followers list of any one of the influencers. And then just click the instagram chrome extension on that page and then click the start button like below,

Javascript Commission Bot Follow Followers of influencers in Instagram 4

It will started to follow the influencers followers automatically. While the process running, you may do your other works. The followup process will be happened in background. As shown in above image, I started to follow 50 followers of an influencer.  Usually in instagram when we follow someone, they may be followed back us. So if I follow 50 peoples, I may followed by atleast one or two people. See the image below, as you see already 3 people  started to follow me out of 35 people I followed.

Javascript Commission Bot following become followers 5

Ok, You may ask, what is the use of thee followers. Generally in instagram once people started to follow you, they will open your profile page and if you have any url on your profile page, they will click and visit to the page. This is the key opportunity here. Imagine, everyday 100's of people following you, it means 100s of clicks to your offer url. Remember, all this 100 clicks are come from real humans. So you will get high conversion on your landing page. Twitter bot also is woking in this way. 

So the javascript commission bot is giving you the opportunity to earn money from instagram and twitter using the simple chrome extension. It also provides you the two DFY offer. So, if you feel you don't have landing page or offer page to promote on Instagram, twitter, this DFY offers are coming for you. See below image,

Javascript Commission Bot DFY Offer 6

Above is the offer page which provides you to promote Kartel,invisible. These products are sold over 2000 copies in warriorplus. With that said, I am coming to the end of my walkthrough.

I recommend you to watch my video below to understand more about javascript commission bot.

Javascript Commission Bot Review - Pros And Cons

Javascript Commission Bot Review - Pros:
  • Browser based bot doesn't requires any proxy
  • 100% compliant with Instagram and Twitter TOS
  • Two DFY campaigns included
Javascript Commission Bot Review - Cons:
  • Two separate chrome extension needs to installed for Instagram and Twitter
  • Bot doesn't have many feature other than following the followers of specific target user

Javascript Commission Bot Review - About Pricing

Front End - $12.97 Javascript Commission Bot Basic (100% Comm)

Javascript Commission Bot has been created to provide HUGE value on the front end and will give any newbie access to the chrome extensions (Instagram and Twitter), which allow users to follow targeted audience on Instagram and Twitter.

We have also included x2 done for you offers on the front-end along with step by step training.

OTO1 - $47 Javascript Commission Bot Pro Edition

Unlimited Everything - While the FE is limited to 5 user accounts only, with this upgrade you get unlimited access plus the Link/Url Shortener service too.

OTO2 - $97 Javascript Commission Bot DFY Campaigns

x7 “Proven” high converting campaigns from Jono’s personal campaigns collection that collectively made over $50,000. These campaigns include:

- Bonus Pages + Bonuses
- Review Videos

OTO3 - $197 High Ticket DFY Funnel + Limitless Traffic

HUGE value once again here. Users get direct access to jonos adwords audience by placing pixels on our sales pages for the next 365 days. It doesn’t stop there…. They also get access to jonos personal ads library plus access to jonos personal Auto-webinar funnel (complete with emails, follow up emails and retargeting). Simply use Jono’s ads, to send to jonos audience and cash in ($880/sale) from the penny clicks.

OTO4 - $197 Resellers Bundle License

Combined developers rights to the software, resell rights + 3 additional softwares. Buyers of this up-sell also get to sell Javascript Commission Bot as if it was their own product and take away 100% commissions on the WHOLE funnel.


It’s a software + DFY affiliate campaign system that automates traffic & commissions 24/7.

There is NOTHING else like it anywhere - it’s the 1st 100% compliant software to leverage two massive platforms for unlimited free traffic. For this wonderful software, you get my awesome custom bonuses as 100% free of cost when you buy it by pressing the below button.

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Javascript Commission Bot Bonuses - My Custom Bonuses

Javascript commission bot bonus#1

Javascript commission bot bonus#1

Javascript commission bot bonus#2

Javascript commission bot bonus#2

Javascript commission bot bonus#3

Javascript commission bot bonus#3

Javascript Commission bot bonus#4

Javascript Commission bot bonus#4

Javascript commission bot bonus#5

Javascript commission bot bonus#5

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