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About me

I came to the Internet Marketing journey after I completed my Master degree in computer applications on the Year 2006.

Of course, I didn’t come in full swing. Just started my own Blogspot(Now blogger) to write articles about my day to day personal experiences. Then I researched to monetize my blog. Hence, I found Google Adsense is my best fit for monetization.

But like many early comers, I also faced the same issue.


My blog has visited so many times in a day by me. But I am the only visitor to my blog. No other visitors came.


So I started to think about “How to drive traffic to my blog?”. On those days, I found getting the first-page rank on Google will solve my TRAFFIC problem. (Even today, Google is King for Traffic)

So that I started to learn about SEO and wrote some few good articles, SEO optimized article on my blog. Those articles ranked well in Google and I started to receive visitors too. (What a happy moment?)

At the same time, I joined a private company to start my career in a 9 to 5 job as a software engineer. and then I learned so many things in software developments.

This learning was helped a lot to move the next level in both my career and IM. Yes, on those days, YAHOO Answers is very famous QnA site(Today how Quora is there, like that). I used the Yahoo answers API to build my own website. (OMG, the first time I did myself all the crazy stuff such as web hosting, domain purchase, Cpanel etc…)

I wrote the automation script to grab content for my website from Yahoo Answers via their official API. During early 2009 I did this. Probably, I was the first to do this automation, at least in my city. Though I just duplicated the content from Yahoo answers to my site, my site got ranked in Google for a lot of high traffic keywords.

On those days Google doesn’t have powerful Radar. So that I floated under and above the Google Radar. Google did not punish me. ( Those are golden days). hence my website received a bunch of traffic and my earnings from Google Adsense was matched to my monthly salary. (That’s the dancing moment).

This continued until the early year of 2014. Then Google Panda (The powerful Google Radar) released. Hence my traffic ratio was dropped significantly. Hence my earning also dropped. And then few months down the line, my Google AdSense account was banned, because I monetised duplicate content on my website. Also, Yahoo Answers announced to withdraw its API service. That’s it all my dancing moment has come to an end at the end of the year 2014.

So I was back to my 9 to 5 Job in full swing. So that I got promoted and reached higher positions.

Anyhow occasionally I was there in IM to kept my eye on all the latest things. This made me up to date in the IM industry.

Meantime I was joined in commission junction to start my career as an affiliate marketer. I had promoted a product on Youtube. I was used my programming skill to automate this promotion. From creating video and uploading the video to Youtube, all were automated. This brought back me more money compared to what I got in Google Adsense.

And then in the year 2017, I started to develop my own products to the internet marketer as a freelancer later in the year(2018) I started my venture ( It was not a big success. A lot of ups and downs. Anyhow, I slowly build my customer base. It takes me to the next level as from a student to a teacher.

yes, I started to teach the things what I know to others both in offline and online(Youtube). For that, I used many digital products. So that I thought why not to review those products to help someone who is looking to buy that product.

But I don’t know how to start the product review Youtube channel, How to get the product review access from product owners. So that I joined the MOM group owned by Jono Armstrong to learn everything on affiliate marketing in an organised manner.

Still, I am not a big earner, but I am happy because my reviews are helpful in some way to someone.

So I decided this is my career going forward.

Thanks for reading my crappy story so far…

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